Tips to save mobile data on WhatsApp

Tips to save mobile data on WhatsApp

250 million in India alone, WhatsApp is hands down the most popular instant messaging platform.

And with such immensely increasing dependence on WhatsApp, it’s also a big sucker of your mobile data. However, with certain Settings changes, you can shrink your WhatsApp data usage.

Here are some handy tips to save data on WhatsApp.

Here’s how Android users can save data on WhatsApp

1) To cut data usage on WhatsApp, go to Settings in the WhatsApp menu, then click on ‘Data usage’ and finally select ‘Low data usage.’

2) You can also disable auto-downloading of files in the WhatsApp Settings. Tap on ‘Data usage’, then select ‘When using mobile data’ option, then un-check any media (videos, audios) that you don’t want to use data for. Click ‘OK’.

How to restrict chat backup over mobile data

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