SBI brings BHIM Aadhaar for innovative payments

State Bank of India (SBI) has introduced the BHIM Aadhaar App service for its customers from 1st January 2020. In this service, SBI customers will be able to make online payments without using their SBI debit card, credit card or even cash.In this service, merchants having SBI accounts can download BHIM Aadhaar Merchant App on their Smartphones while individuals need to download BHIM Aadhaar Onboard App for making digital payments.

One of the highlights of this feature is that all of this is possible through fingertip authentication. SBI announced to the introduction of this BHIM Aadhaar digital payment service on 31st December 2019.

SBI informed about the introduction of the BHIM Aadhaar App service through a tweet: “No Card, No Cash, No Problem! Introducing a revolutionary mode of payment: #BHIM Aadhaar. Safe and Secure payments at your customers’ fingertips. For more information”

SBI has tweeted ” Presenting BHIM Aadhaar, an innovative and safer mode of payment. Requires no card or cash.”

On how does BHIM Aadhaar App service will help SBI customers (both merchants and simple SBI savings and other account holders), the bank informed that it would them to accept and make payment online with just the use of a fingertip. To avail this service, SBI customers will have to download BHIM Aadhaar Onboard App. After this, they can pay online at those shops where a merchant has BHIM Aadhaar Merchant App…Read more>>