New Year, New Workout: Day 2 of 7-day weight loss plan to drop a dress size

Lower body and abs workout

As you have made up your mind to be a fitter version of yourself, here is the day 2 workout plan to drop a dress size. After focusing on the upper body, today is the day to work on those abs. Accept it or not, we all dream of having those six-pack abs. And we can bet, this workout will not only help you build those abs but will also strengthen your lower body.


-You can rest for 1-2 minute after each exercise to prepare for the next one.
– Do not forget that sustainable weight loss is the right combination of a healthy diet and regular exercise.
– If you are a beginner, perform your exercises under expert supervision.

1. Feet elevated split squats

Repetitions: 8-10 times each side

2. Swiss Ball abs-crunch

Repetitions: 15 to 20

3. Standing Calf Raises

Repetitions: 15 to 20

4. Supine Body Line Hold

Hold for 30 seconds to 1 minute

5. Staggered Romanian deadlift

Repetitions: 15 to 20