Lost your Train Ticket? Here’s what you should do

Lost your Train Ticket? Here’s what you should do
Indian Railways is providing an alternate arrangement for the commuters in such a situation. The national transporter is offering duplicate tickets against lost, misplaced, torn or mutilated. For this, the passengers have to pay a certain

amount of fee to the railways.

Whom to contact for issuance of duplicate ticket from station?

The passenger should contact the officials at the Passenger Reservation System (PRS) counter at the railway stations and inform them about the incident. The passenger can also contact the station master.

What to do if a ticket gets lost before chart preparation?

If the reservation confirmed ticket gets lost, misplaced, torn or mutilated before the preparation of chart, the station master will issue a duplicate ticket in lieu of the original ticket on collection of the clerkage charge per passenger. This is also applicable for passengers with RAC tickets….Read More

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