Link Aadhaar with your mobile is important for Covid Vaccination

World’s biggest vaccination exercise, which begins from January 16, it will also be very important that people have their mobile number linked to Aadhaar. Prime Minister had said that the most important factor in this vaccination drive is the identification and monitoring of those who need to be vaccinated.

For this, Co-Win digital platform has been created, Modi said, adding that beneficiaries will be identified with the help of Aadhaar and timely second dosage for them will also be ensured. After a person receives the first dose of vaccination, Co-Win will immediately generate a digital vaccination certificate. This certificate will also act as a reminder for the second dose, after which, a final certificate will be given.

The all the important information regarding the vaccination will be sent to the Aadhaar users registered mobile number.

Aadhaar card is one of the most important documents that can be used for several useful purpose. In the backdrop of Covid-19 pandemic, Aadhaar issuing body Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) has annouced a major update that people can now make changes in their Aadhaar details from the comfort of their home. They can do it online, without having to go to any Aadhaar Kendra…….Read More>>


Source:- techiyogiz