Know How To Add A New Member In Ration Card

Know How To Add A New Member In Ration Card

The Ration card is an important legal document issued by the Government of India to its citizens. Its importance is derived from its 2 key roles:

It enables economically disadvantaged citizens to access heavily subsidized essential commodities such as Rice, wheat and Kerosene through the public distribution system. In fact, this system is solely responsible for allowing millions of poor Indians to meet their most basic needs.

It is one of the few legally recognized identity and residential address proof documents. It is also one of the easiest to procure as the documents necessary for it are flexible and accommodate a wide range of citizen situations.

The Ration Card is issued to families rather than individuals- a fact which has important implications. If the Public Distribution System has to run efficiently and truly meet the needs of the poorest sections of Indian society, certain conditions have to be met. It should be ensured that each Indian is listed under the family card of only one household.

Duplication will give certain families more commodities than they are legally entitled to, at the cost of others. However, life circumstances require family lists to continually change. Members may leave or join a family as a matter of life course.

For example, marriage will require the bride to leave her family of origin and either join her in-law’s household, or create a new household with her husband. Since each household is allocated a specific amount of each commodity, additions and deletions from the household should be tracked seamlessly and entailment must be adjusted accordingly…..Read More>>


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