Here’s how you can cheque book delivered to any address by SBI

Amid the coronavirus crisis in the country, going to public places like malls, banks, theatres can increase the risk of contracting the virus. Visiting a bank branch just to get a new cheque book can be a bit risky at the moment. However, SBI account holders can place a request for a cheque book delivery to any address of their choice online through the bank’s internet banking.

India’s largest lender informed its customers that they can now request for their chequebook to be delivered to any address without having to visit the bank branch. This means that customers now don’t have to worry if they are not present at their registered address.

The lender tweeted, “Use our Internet Banking service and request for a cheque book delivery to any address of your choice in a few simple steps.” Through net banking facility, SBI account holders can apply for the new cheque book at any address of their choice.

Here’s how to request for chequebook delivery:

Visit SBI net banking account and enter your user name and password.

On the new page, click on ‘Request & Enquiries’ option after login.

Click on the ‘Cheque Book Request’ option, from the drop-down menu.

All your account details will be displayed. Select the account for which you want a cheque book for.

Select the number cheque leaves from the options given on the dropbox for the number of cheques you to want…….Read More>>


Source:- techiyogiz