Complete List Of Govt Hospitals, Private Hospitals for Covid-19 Vaccine

Starting March 1, the vaccination will be extended to all citizens over the age of 60 years, along with the citizens falling under the age bracket of 45-59 years with comorbidities.

List of Specified Comorbidities

Here is a list of specific comorbidities, which will help the citizens under the age bracket of 45-59 years check their eligibility for vaccination. Over 16,000 CVCs Administered Across Country.

  1. about 10,000 private hospitals,
  2. over 600 government hospitals, and
  3. other private hospitals listed under the State Government Health Insurance Schemes, will be administered to participate in the Covid-19 vaccination centres (CVCs)

Additionally, other government health facilities like medical college hospitals, district hospitals, sub-divisional hospitals, CHCs, PHCs, Health Sub Centres and Health and Wellness Centres will be used as CVCs too.

Central Govt to Bear Full Vax Cost

The Covid-19 vaccination centres will offer free vaccination for everyone, with the government bearing the full cost.

Additionally, the private hospitals functioning as CVCs can charge only upto Rs 250 per person per dose for vaccination, along with the electronic and financial management mechanism………Read More>>


Source:- techiyogiz