Apple to launch First 5G iPhone variant in 2020!

The 5G network Smartphones are arriving in 2019, with several smartphone companies aiming to be in the race to launch their first of its smartphone with 5G network. But not Apple. Yes Apple is in no rush to launch its 5G network iPhone in the coming year.

In fact the company’s source claims Apple intends to use an Intel 5G modem, the 8161 in the 2020 launch iPhone. Apple will be using a precursor 8060 chip for prototyping, but has “heat dissipation issues”. Apple seems to be in talks with MediaTek about supplying 5G modems, but only as a backup plan in case Intel falls short.

It’s indeed disappointing news for Apple users who are hoping that the company would ride the 5G bandwagon soon and launching new iPhone with 5G coming year. It’s worth mentioning that Apple has rarely been on the forefront of major speed upgrades including the LTE for iPhone 5………Read More>>


Source:- gadgetgogi