An Overview of Learners License in India

An Overview of Learners License in India

You must hold a valid Driving License to legally drive a vehicle on Indian roads. But first, you need to get a Learner’s License when you are learning to drive.

A Learner’s License is a document issued by your state Regional Transport Office (RTO). It acts as a provisional and restricted license. You must get a permanent Driving License once you’ve learnt how to drive a motor vehicle. To get a Learner’s License, one must be familiar with rules and regulations related to road safety.

In India, Learner’s License is issued to the candidate after passing a written or online test about road rules. After you get a Learner’s License, you will be allowed to practice driving on public roads provided you are accompanied by a person who holds a permanent Driving License. You must obtain a Learner’s License for the relevant class of vehicle before you can get a Driving License.

Types of Learner’s License in India

Driving License and Learner’s License in India are given based on the class of motor vehicle. The eligibility criteria changes depending upon the class of vehicle.

Here are some of the most common class of vehicles:

For Personal Use:

MC 50cc (Motorcycle 50cc) license class for Motorcycles with engine capacity of 50cc or less than 50cc
LMV–NT class license for Light Motor Vehicle used for non-transport purposes
FVG class license for Motorcycles of any engine capacity but with no gears, like Scooters and Mopeds
MC EX50CC class license for Motorcycles with a capacity of 50cc or more, Motorcycles with gear and Light Motor Vehicles (LMVs) including cars
MCWG or M/CYCL.WG class license for All types of Motorcycles including Motorcycle with gear

For Commercial Use:

HGMV class license for Heavy Goods Motor Vehicle
LMV–TR class license for Light Motor Vehicle used for commercial purposes
HPMV class license for All India driving permit for trucks and cars or open license/Heavy Passenger Motor Vehicle
LMV–NT class license Light Motor Vehicle for non-transport purposes
MGV class license for Medium Goods Vehicle

Eligibility Criteria for Getting Learner’s License

Eligibility criteria for Learning License differs depending on the class of motor vehicle and the type of learner’s license sought for. The eligibility conditions for various types of Learner’s License offered in India are as follows:——–>>Read More


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