7th Pay Commission Big promotion rule change for Central Govt employees

7th Pay Commission Big promotion rule change for Central Govt employees

7th pay commission: In another good news for Indian Railways employees, the railway ministry has agreed to changes proposed for promotion by the rail employees’ association All India Railway Men’s Federation. The association has been demanding that those employees who are more educated irrespective of their posts be given a chance to get a promotion by undergoing written examination. The Ministry of Railways has now agreed to this demand. The railway minister has issued instructions to take immediate steps in this direction, informed the association.

General Secretary of All India Railway Men’s Federation, Shiv Gopal Mishra said that many employees who are working on a 7th pay commission pay scale of 1800 are educated more than the requirement of the post. However, they are working on the lower post than what they deserve. Keeping this in mind, it was demanded that instead of direct recruitment in vacant posts, at least 10% of the posts should get filled by such employees. The Railway Minister has given instructions to the Chairman of the Railway Board and the Member Staff to take appropriate steps in this regard.

Earlier, the Ministry of Railways had agreed to increase the existing running allowance up to two times for the railway employees. At present, the running staff of the Railways such as guards, drivers etc. used to get around Rs 250 for per 100 km trip. Now, it has been increased to Rs 525 per 100 km. Since this move will increase the financial burden of the railways, it has sent a file in this regard to the Finance Ministry for the final approval.

Since the Railway Minister Piyush Goyal is also looking after the finance ministry, the employees are hopeful that the file will be approved by the FinMin very soon………Read More>>


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